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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't ever traded before , can this service help me?

Yes, we can help any level of traders, as long as the trader is dedicated to working hard and improving. We will guide you and help you build a plan to be more disciplined and succesful.

What is your primary style of trading ?

We specialize in day trading and short term swing trading. We primarily trade naked option contracts (calls and puts)  or trade equity shares.

Is Options Trading More Risky Than Trading Shares ?

Yes, trading options is more risky than trading shares due to the increased volatility in option contract movements. At the same time it also can be more profitable. With that said, if you have a disciplined plan and follow correct risk management, trading options is similar to trading shares (excluding the difference in  potential gains or losses)

Are you guys a financial trading firm ?

No, we are not a registered financial trading firm, we do not trade another individual's assets, we offer trade ideas and our exact entries with a 78-82% monthly win rate, and it's your decision on whether or not to take them.

How much can i expect to make ?

There is no exact amount of profits you can expect to make, especially in the short term. At the same time their is no cap on the amount you can make

I have a full time job, will i still be able to trade?

Yes, we have many individuals that trade with us even with a full time job. Most of our trades occur in the first 2 hours of the trading day, between ( 9:30 - 11:30 est), so you don't have to be available the whole day.

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