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How to Read Excel Alert Log

Good evening everyone , and this post will just do a quick rundown on how to read our alert log posted at our website :

When you open the alert log link , the following excel sheet should populate:

DAILY PLAYS: (The first section)

The first section we have is daily plays , which highlights all given plays for that day , by one of our analyst (Janam).

These is a bit of color on the page, and that is there to help is be more appealing to the eye, and easier to follow.

Keep in mind that any coordinated highlighted cells, such as this: refers to one specific play:

(The first 2 columns (can be more than 2 depending on entries) highlight our 2 entries while the 3rd column (or the indented column) highlights the combined avg entry + combined avg sell + avg profit per/total profit. (We generally base this log on assuming that an individual has entered at least 2 contracts unless otherwise stated , and accordingly the EXIT columns highlight ow much profit was made per exit, at target 1, target 2, etc etc.)

From left to right the log contains the following data:

DATE : This column has the written date , all plays are within the date above , until new date is stated.

In this example , all plays listed under 1/4 were alerted on 1/4 , then when a new date begins as such:

All plays under 1/4 until 1/5 were alerted on the 4rth, and then all play until 1/5 until 1/6 were alerted on the 5th, etc ... etc...

TYPE PLAY: This column highlights what type or play it was , whether it was a swing, day trade or a lotto trade. If the column is blank it was a day trade, while if it says swing trade it was a swing , if it says lotto/yolo it was a lotto/yolo play. Pretty self explanatory here.

TICKER: This was the company's ticker that we traded

C/P (EXP): This section points out whether the play was a call or a put , and what expiration the option contract was for . So a Put 5/22 would mean we got a put option for the selected ticker for May 22nd.

STRIKE: This section highlights the strike we picked.

ENTRY: This section highlights our dolar cost entry, how much we paid to get the contract. Say we entered at $450, that means we paid $450 to buy that option.

EXIT: This section highlights our dollar cost xit, or how much we sold the contract for. Say we sold for $450, that means we sold the option for $450.

PROFIT/LOSS: This column is color coated (Green for Profit/ Red for loss) , showing how much we made or lost on that given contract. if a number has no "()" around it / or is green that means we made profit on that trade. If the value here has "()" or is red , we lost money on the trade.

%CHANGE: this column is also color coated as well, were a green number shows positive % increase, and a red number shows negative % loss . It shows the difference in % from entry to exit value.

W/L: This category highlights if the trade was a winner or a loser, based on entry and exit, If we made money it was a win, while if money was lost it was a lost.

Last section: This section just included some mental notes on trade, what went wrong , or how far it kept going if we didn't have any runners left.

That's a quick rundown of how the red that first page, while the second page is our "WIN LOSS" LOG:

The log breaks down daily win/loss trade, giving a breakdown or how many winning trades, losing trades, and total trades were given thru the week. Followed by a weekly win loss update. Each day. has a winning percentage, and so does each week. In the top right section, highlighted in orange , is our year to date W/L on all plays alerted this year. Don't fall to heavy on the w/l % because it doesn't go over the full story of average winner/loser, looking thru the daily plays log will help you see that much more clearly.

After all , you can take 3 losing trades of -$50 each, and take one winning trade of +$200 and still make $50 profit despite having a 25% win rate. Looking through the log, will help you visualize, that indeed the winners are generally far bigger than the losers.

The logs are updated weekly, every Saturday.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions drop them below !

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