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Market Watchlist - 1/25-1/29

Good evening everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! As discussed in yesterday's post there are a lot of fun companies reporting earnings this week, and over the next few weeks, with that in mind, here's a narrowed down list on stock i would recommend you to keep your eyes for this upcoming week.

As discussed in yesterday's post, i'm expecting continued market upside this upcoming week, and as a result, most (actually all) of my favorite setups this week will be long plays, numbered from 1-4 (not in any specific order) .


ABNB has been a very hot stock since it's ipo on 12/10. We sold off from its ipo date before getting a very nice buy presence off 120 reversing us towards all time highs on 1/14. After that high a week ago, we just pulled back this week , revisited the breakout, and began to hold higher looking for higher highs into next week 👀. This one is my favorite setup going into next week , since there's no telling how high we can go 😯.



The last two days after revisiting the breakout from 154, we shot right back up towards highs and after basing all day on Friday over 175 (hourly chart above) we closed the day over the previous all time high daily close at 180.7, (one of my favorite signals for continued upside), showing a ton of potential. The base on 1/21 and 1/22 gave us good confirmation, and the next step is breaking 184.58 and then we will hit new highs 👀


- (180.7) - holding 180.7 - best case - (175.54) - quick dip buy if we drop at open (not likely, this level was also be stop loss - hourly or daily close)

- (184.58) - break and clear and new highs we come

- (187.42) - can see some sellers, but shouldn't be big

After we break , we can keep going up due to hype , so just make sure to let some runners run

2. Palantir Technologies Inc ($PLTR)

Platar was another sweet breakout play on Friday 1/22, and this is another one looking for new highs , with some great potential to short squeeze with its 8% short interest 👀 !!!


We closed Friday at a new high daily close , (past level was 29.05 from 11/25. There's are a few scenarios on $PLTR, depending on its strength so we will review them below;

  1. Super strong- If we have good strength on Monday, we open on a gap up over the all time high (33.5) and we just continue to new highs

  2. Strong - In this scenario we can retrace and hold buyers off 31.2, theopen of the breakdown candle from 11/27. This is where you look for buyers to step in and buy buy buy !

  3. Retrace play - In this case , we will come and revisit the breakout from 29.05. When we broke on Friday we just kinda went straight up without basing, so in this scenario we would come , revist the zone and take off for new highs :0

KEY LEVELS: - (29.05) - want buyers to step in here , also the stop loss on an hourly/daily close

- (31.19) - want to see intraday price action off here for a potential day trade on the long side


Next we have a well know tech company, Nvidia !

This one is a simple break back over a key level, with a now confirmed hold !

NVDA had a key level off 545, which has many many many rejections over the course of the last 2-3 months, and then we broke back over it on 1/21 and held it all day long on 1/22. That hold have us a sign of strength, compared to the last breakout on 1/11 which failed when we fell back under on 1/12. With Friday's hold, 545 becomes the key level with price targets coming in over 551.77 looking at 564.39, 569.04, 583.55 and 588.15.

KEY LEVELS: - (545.23 and 551.77) - The most IMPORTANT level for this week , look to keep 545 as the stop , and an area to buy on dips

- (551.77) - Getting back over this level will add some confirmation to upside break, brek and hold is good to add some size

- ( 564.39, 569.04, 583.55 and 588.15) - Some potential upside targets

4. The Trade Desk ($TTD)

We has some fun with trade Desk last week, but we aren't done with it quite yet 👀


$TTD had a nice break over the most recent pivot on 1/20 closing above 806 (if you remember we took this trade long into 840, and pow pow it hit ). Friday we just revisited that 806 breakout area and we held. It is possible we dip a little lower and try 790 test again ,holding 806 would should some relative stgreth. If you just want to play the breakout, a break and hold over 840 cn send us flying towards 866 , (and yes it can happen all in one move).


- (840) - the big over under level , clearing that we can have a very big, fst, solid up move

-(790/806) - looking at these areas for support, if higher one holds (806), better

- (823) - can be an intraday target level

Hope that you guys are able to capitalize on at least a few of these amazing plays and setups !!!

If you want to trade these levels LIVE with us , with our entries and exits , come join our discord chat and be able to mimic and trade with us every single day ! You will not regret it ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and a great upcoming week :)

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