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Market Watchlist 11/8 - 11/12

Hello everyone and welcome to another market watchlist .

The market continues to grind straight up , it looks like this rally will never end. We closed last week back at all time highs , and it was the first week where the Russell started to break out (IWM). The Russell had been consolidating now since February , and this was the first new high since March. Can we pullback and have a higher hold , or will we fall back into the range , we need a few more days of trading to see how this breakout will react , but if we do hold higher we are likely to have a float market into the end of the year.

Earnings names are still on watch , so let's get started with this next week's watchlist !


(for all trades below I mention level hold, stop loss, etc, I'm using daily or hourly closes for stop losses or holds, you can trade the levels on an intraday basis !)



PYPL has taken quite a beating since the buyout of PINS announcement. We tried a bit of a relief rally when the buyout was disregarded , but it didn't help much as sellers continued to pile in. After taking such a beating we do find ourselves sitting at a multi month support off 225 , and this will be the line in the sand for the coming week. If buyers can hold and recapture 233 , we can get some quick pressure to the upside. Meanwhile if we break , sellers will have a fun time pushing us towards 200.


255 - This was our initial support before the start of the breakdown, We broke then re-tested this breakdown on 10/25 before rejecting and flushing again. If we do ee a positive ER reaction i would expect a visit into this level sometime this week.

243.85 - Breakdown candle, another upside target for PYPL

238.54 - Would be first upside target if we do stat getting reverse back to the upside.

232.76 - Just for safety we will call is 233 , if 233 can clear the down trend will start to reverse back to the upside. Until this level is recaptured , the all is in the shorts favor.

225 - Current support , have now had a 3 day hold here , without breaking , if this level gives in we can see a very quick flush on PYPL to the downside , getting us going into the 210 zone.



Coin was originally supposed to present earnings on 11/5 , but that was delayed into this upcoming week. The levels from last week remain similar , but we did get some more upside into this week. 350 clear is still the gate for new all time highs.


381 - The price at open on IPO date. Would be a ideal first target after the upside break , but best to take profits along the easy as we can reject earlier , will have more info in real time if break does occur.

348.9 - Had a lot of follow done here after the IPO , still the level that can get us floating to new ATH's. Breaking here should create a vacuum to the upside.

333.43 - Was a breakdown zone that got captured this week. look to hold over for continued strength into ER announcement. Back under opens gate for 325 , if not lower into 307.

305.98 - Still a solid support zone If post ER breaks under here , the short term trend will be flipping , or start flipping back to the downside. BAck under here opens the gate for 293 and 275.



SQ had a mixed ER reaction , initially selling off after hours , then spiking at open , then selling off once again. With this expanded volatility we should see some extra movmnt for SQ especially early in the week.


255.12 - Before earnings we had a 2x rejection off 255 before breaking 253 to the downside. After the report , this is where we rejected on 11/5 before flushing back to the downide. This will be important back on the upside.

253.02 - This was support before the breakdown early last week. We noticed a spike back over the level on 11/5 ,. but we failed to hold , as we rejected 255 , and broke back under to flush to the downside. If buyer can start holding back over 253 , we can see momentum back to the upside , or else sellers will remain in control.

247.41 - Has acted as intraday support last week , and did also on th 11/5 selloff. Once we broke we continued down all day , but should be an important intraday pivot last week. Holding under favors shorts , while getting back over here favors upside.

231.97 - This was our last breakup candle + pivot reversal. Would likely see some buying here if we visit. After hours we did see buyer step in at 233-234.



UPST has been a hot stock for the later half of this year, It seems to have cooled off a bit with its recent consolidation , but let's see how we move after this upcoming earnings report. With how it has been moving , if the report is great we could easily see new highs being formed.


390 - Around the all time highs , would be an upside target if we break up post ER , nothing really apart from that . Maybe we have some resistance lower around 368-370 , but we should gradually see a grind back towards the highs if that 355 + holds.

352.46 - Breakdown candle , has also had a restes rejection since breaking down. If we can re-clear here , bulls will take control again. while holding under can look to build momentum for a downside break.

320- Held this level all last week , and even a few days before it , Buying over this zone is ideal , while breaking would show the first sign of short term weakness.

307.38 - 3 day consolidation breakout zone. Until this level breaks , I would favor taking long side trades on pullback. Meanwhile if we do break , gate opens quickly for a push back under 300 towards 290



Another hot name for the latter half of this year. Similar to UPST , AFRM has had some nice upside momentum this last few months , and this upcoming ER report can solidify or break this form. We are sitting at all time highs , so I don't have any upside targets in place , but we do have a few good zones on the downside that can act as potential support.


NEW HIGHS - We are sitting around ath's , no really upside target. You could use the high at 168.74 as a gauge , but nothing apart from that on the upside.

146.73 - The most recent base. We have a breakup cadle , and have now had a multi-week hold over this zone. Look to be a continued buyer until this zone breaks.

130.26 - Former resistance , turned to support , another downside zone to watch is ER reaction is not as good as expected.


$FUBO - Earnings coming out this week as well. We have seen a small rally recently , ut have yet to clear 34.7. Back over 35 zone opens the gates for 37-8 and then 40-41. On the downside we have mid 27-28 acting as the ideal support. $SOFI- This has been a hot one recently , definitely going to pay attention to post ER reaction while watching key levels at mid 23 and 25 on the upside and 21 and 19 on the downside .


That's it for this week's list, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us or drop them below. These are just a few stocks im keeping my eye on this week, and as always, do your own due diligence and realize that their will always be risks associated with trading !


I can do this on and on for every stock , but the best way to get them live is by joining the chat ;)







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