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Sabato's Market Watchlist 9/13-9/17

Hey! Welcome back everyone! Well, to the ~30 of you ride or die folks... You know the deal: I present my technical analysis (TA) and provide some set ups I like for this coming week. Check out my recap from last week where members profited mucho dinero from picks our analysts alerted live! Check out the small account challenge another going on in the True Trade Discord too! Anyway, let's get right into it!

As usual, all levels below are based on a daily (yellow price levels in images) or less than daily chart (white price levels in images). I approach charting by starting on a daily time frame and moving down to smaller time frames to find other intraday key levels. When the market is open and trading is live, I like to bring up a 5 minute and 1 minute chart to time entry as price is coming into my level.

Side note: In images, blue line is 20 day SMA, yellow is 50 SMA, and green is 200 SMA, where SMA = Simple Moving Average where applicable.

1. Boeing: $BA

I'm a little bit sick of picking BA for ANOTHER watchlist, but I'm still liking the set ups it's presenting. With this gap down, we could be looking for further sell off below $210. I like shorts below $210 area and nothing long until we can recapture that $217 support.

Daily chart:

Key levels upside: $217, 221

Key levels downside: $210, 208, 206.7


2. Facebook: $FB

$FB has been consolidating the past week+ after making a run to new highs. I am looking for a break one way or another. If the market continues a nice pull back, I like puts on break of $375 area. On a 30 minute and 1 hr chart, you can see FB making higher lows while still rejecting previous highs forming a loose ascending triangle, loose just meaning its not a textbook pattern formation, but it still resembles the pattern. If we break up, I like calls above 382 area for early entry then confirmation with new highs.

Daily chart:

30 minute chart:

Key levels upside: $380, 382, highs

Key levels downside: trend, 374.3


3. Nvdia: $NVDA

$NVDA is always a fun one to trade... I'm going to implement KISS here (keep it simple, stupid). We have been consolidating lately... I like longs on break of new highs and shorts on break of $221.4 area.

Daily chart:

30 minute chart:

Key levels upside: $228.25, 226.5 highs

Key levels downside: $221.42, 219.5


4. Peloton: $PTON

$PTON has had a great latter part of the week last week. Looking for a continuation above 200 SMA around $119.4. Last time we reclaimed this, we had a nice pop the day or two after (pink circles on daily).

Daily chart:

30 minute chart:

Key levels upside: $119, 120.7

Key levels downside: $106, 108.1


Bonus plays: Remember to check these out for yourself (members get more info for free).

  • $TSLA: This one worked out last week... $760 area of resistance is the area to break next.

  • $BIDU: Hold $159 (below, shorts), break $167 for longs. Would like to see some needed consolidation. Bounced right off $159 last week...

Enjoy! Please comment below or DM me on Instagram/Discord for more help. I'm happy to help for free when others will charge hundreds of dollars for their courses, etc. Maybe one day I'll have to put together a mini e-book.... who knows. Thanks for reading! Remember to stick to your rules this week!


That's it for this week's list, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us or drop them below. These are just a few stocks I'm keeping my eye on this week, and as always, do your own due diligence and realize that their will always be risks associated with trading !



I can do this on and on for every stock , but the best way to get them live is by joining the chat ;)