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Trade Ideas for the Week of 1/25

I am seeing some great trade setups coming into this week and I hope that you are able to make them your own!

#1 $RYAM very nice channel/wedge above the 20dma after a very long accumulation pattern w/ lots of volume. strongly trending 50dma

#2 $BYND very impulsive low put in and strong buyers found at the aVWAP from this low again. 50dma and 20dma both will beginning trending up shortly. would like to see it get tight and show strength breaking through the clear resistance at ~145

#3 $FCEL clean range above the rising 20dma and recently began consolidating above the 5dma in a tighter consolidation, closing above the aVWAP from the most recent high. short float of 20% can result in a nice mover on a break of range

#4 $SHOP getting very tight here above two important aVWAPs and am looking for the downtrend to be broken w/ a significant high at 1216.32

#5 $STWD nice range break on Friday after a very tight VWAP pinch. broke above the 20dma as well, with the trending 50dma just below, on very high volume. this provides a great r/r entry for a move that could last multiple weeks

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